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Hold On For A SecondI have to ask you a quick question.Would you be willing to...Leverage a battle-tested method to turn your web design & development skills into a sustainable business that can be scaled to 6-figures and beyond?Of course, I'm aware it sounds too good to be true.And some of you might want to go back to waiting for gigs on Fiverr and Upwork.If that's your case, go ahead, you can close this tab and all good.Because what I'm about to reveal on this short page is not for everyone.It's just for the designers and developers who want their income to actually be determined by their experience and skills.Let me explain:I'm Mathew Gaucher.

I've been in the "online money" space for a long time.Almost 4 years now.After learning tons of different "high-income skills" I decided to put all of my efforts into building an income with web design & development.Unfortunately for me...I was influenced by (terrible) advice from industry veterans.❌ "Make a portfolio site and post it everywhere!"
❌ "Prioritize aesthetics and animations for everything"
❌ "Make a profile on Fiverr, Upwork, and!
❌ "Pitch your design skills to clients"
None of this works.None of that allows you to make a full-time income selling websites, and none of that allows you to turn your skills into a scalable business.I didn't do any of those things to CONSISTENTLY have months like these:

(If you're reading this, chances are you're qualified to make bank)I didn't build my business with pure luck, or by spending a ridiculous amount of money.What I did was different...I'm actually not even that creative, nor am I a wizard with photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.And now I've developed a simple and reliable method that allows anybody to build their own business in the web design and development industry.All the large design firms you know?They use these methods.They don't wait for work to come their way...What do successful web design businesses do you might ask?πŸ“Œ Build operating procedures
πŸ“Œ Carefully craft outreach messaging
πŸ“Œ Build project management systems
πŸ“Œ Sell services other than just design & development
What does this allow them to do?It allows them to dominate their market and make unbelievable amounts of money.All because they can find clients consistently and manage the work with proper systems.And you'll do the same by...πŸ“š Learning the skill of cold outreach
πŸ“š Studying copywriting methodology designed to influence sales
πŸ“š Learning how to build foolproof systems for your operations
πŸ“š Developing your own offer that attracts business on autopilot
Here's the truth behind the 6FW process...It's not easy.In fact, you're going to have to put in a lot of work to reap the benefits.The web design industry insists that posting your work on forums and waiting until you get contracted for a job is the best way for you to make money.They are wrong.6-Figure Websites is here to change this standard.And help struggling designers and developers get paid what they deserve for their talents.Here's A Sneak Peek At What You'll Be Getting Inside Of 6-Figure Websites:PHASE 1βœ… The most useful platforms for website design & development
βœ… Designing websites that convert visitors into paying customers
βœ… Writing captivating headlines
βœ… Color theory
βœ… The framework of great landing pages
βœ… Framing offers on landing pages
βœ… Designing for eCommerce
βœ… Understanding the eCommerce website visitors' journey
PHASE 2βœ… Sculpting your mindset for business success
βœ… Following intelligent & positive influencers
βœ… How to create a network and form real relationships
βœ… Using that network to create long-term business success
PHASE 3βœ… Developing your offer
βœ… Selling more than just web design
βœ… How to sell RESULTS and not just pretty websites
βœ… Exactly what businesses need their websites for
βœ… Finding & researching your target market
βœ… An EXTENSIVE mini-course on cold-email
βœ… Mastering outbound and inbound marketing to get clients
βœ… Creating monthly recurring revenue with website services
βœ… Building entire marketing funnels for clients
PHASE 4βœ… Learning the logistics behind running a successful freelancing operation/ agency
βœ… Running your systems on autopilot with Zapier
βœ… Managing leads with a CRM
βœ… Booking qualified prospects
βœ… Onboarding and offboarding clients
βœ… The benefits & disadvantages of freelancing vs agency work
βœ… Developing standard operating procedures
βœ… Scaling your operations to 6-figures and beyond
PLUS BONUSES LIKEπŸ“‘ Software recommendations for: copywriting, embedding tools, iconography, and more
πŸ“‘ A-Z sales call scripts to help you close deals
πŸ“‘ List of the most profitable niches to target
πŸ“‘ LinkedIn connection templates
πŸ“‘ A legal binding contract template
πŸ“‘ Endless design inspiration
πŸ“‘ Guidelines for your agency/ freelancer website

With your purchase of 6-Figure Websites you also get access to our Discord support group.This group is NOT a monthly charge.And there are no "hidden fees" for weekly calls or mentorships.You'll be able to network with other designers and developers...Get feedback on your processes, designs & sales calls...And have direct access to me 24/7 for any questions related to this course.Here's The Details Of The Deal.Maybe you wonder how much the investment is.First, keep in mind that not building your own business is costing you a lot.You're unfulfilled working your 9-5...Or you're a freelancer who can't find consistent work...If you wanted to hire a mentor to teach you the ropes of website design AND business...It'd cost you a pretty penny.Some of them are charging upwards of $10,000 for yearly "cohorts".($10,000 is not a typo)Their goal is to keep you hooked.Now, to get access to this proven method...It's only $149.And it will never change.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsWho is 6-Figure Websites for?β—¦ Current freelance designers/ devs looking to build an agency
β—¦ Freelancers/ agencies looking to increase their revenue
β—¦ People working 9-5's who want to build an income with web design
β—¦ Anyone with bare minimum knowledge of building websites
Who is 6-Figure Websites NOT for?β—¦ Programmers
β—¦ Software/ App developers
β—¦ People who are looking for a way to magically make money with no effort
How long is the course?β—¦ 66 pages
β—¦ A notion database with 9 sections
β—¦ 6 explainer videos
I have a preexisting business / I'm freelancing. Will 6-Figure Websites help me?If you're already freelancing/ running an agency, 6-Figure Websites will help you get more clients consistently, build systems for your operations & scale them.One Last Important ThingI’m constantly updating the content of 6-Figure Websites.I’m adding new strategies, tactics, and lessons all the time.If you grab 6-Figure Websites today…You’ll get all the updates for life at zero extra cost.The Cold Hard TruthWhile you're reading this, others have joined and are applying the strategies.They're building a business with people who could be your clients.They're making bank.Big difference.But if you start now, you could be building websites full-time in a matter of months.Clocks ticking...Join the 6-Figure Websites family today